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by Certain Spiders

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released June 21, 2013

Stephen Spencer - Guitars, Vocals
Matt Flint - Bass
Joshua Green - Drums, Design

Recorded at Swan7 with Matt Stein in Brooklyn, NY




Certain Spiders New York, New York

Certain Spiders is comprised of Stephen Spencer on Vocals/Guitars, Matt Flint on Bass/Vocals, and Joshua Green on Drums. We reside in NY & NJ.

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Track Name: Better Ride [demo]
But take time to read the writing on the trees
The walls are good, but nothin' ever came from prophecies, or so I have foreseen
There's nothin' new, it's always been the same

Sittin' in the passenger side, waitin' on a better ride
It's gonna come into your sleep

But take it or leave, and tell me that you're free
There's nothin' new, there's no one else to blame

Drivin' down these dreary roads, takin' time with your tomorrows
They're comin' fast, or they're comin' slow -- we'll never know
But there's one thing I do: it's sooner than before

Better ride, you'll see
Better ride inside your scenic sleep
Track Name: Here to Hear Me [demo]
Your love is the bitterest pill I think I've gotten all of my fill but I turn on a dime look into my eyes you're turnin' that water into wine chased with a drink you don't sink you're comin' up in shades of awful pink but can't you see can't you see my misery it's not about you it's about me?

Wishin' you were here to hear me when I think out loud
But the ends don't justify the means, I mean to bring you down

Sing yourself back to sleep these notes are counted sheep the sins in our hearts they don't wash away they just get old and oh so grey my only advice is to take that vise and turn it to the left or turn it to the right but can't you see can't see my misery it's fallin' apart at the seams?

Wishin' you were here to hear me when I think out loud
But the smile that's creepin' ear to ear, I believe it's upside down
Wishin' you were here to hear
Ends don't justify the means
Track Name: Consolation Prize [demo]
You're takin' away my every awful tell
You're feelin' down and out
But you'll need my sympathy

You're feelin' down and out
So here it comes again
Your consolation prize

Happiness comes away the only thing to win
You're feelin' down and out
But you'll hear my masticated ear

There's nothin' to say and nothin' to lose tonight
Nothin' to say and nothin' to lose tonight
Nothin' to say, nothin' to lose

You're playin' the cards you never knew you held
And you don't know you lost
So I'll give all that I want to give

Deal it once again
Take it one more time
Your consolation prize